In stock we have the native Manx varieties: 'Andrew Johnson' and 'Manx Codlin' unavailable elsewhere!

P- Pick U- Use Po- Pollination Group

So: P10 U12/3 PoC means pick apples October, Use December into March. Pollination group C. 

Pick varieties with same or adjacent pollination group. For example PoC will be pollinated by PoB, C and D.  

Apple varieties grafted on MM106 rootstock.  This will give you a tree 10 -14 foot high depending on the vigour of the variety.


Beauty of Bath (1864) Fruit small-medium, flesh pinkish, aromatic, good flavour. Tree vigorous, spreading, heavy cropping. P8 U8 Po C

Discovery (1949) 

Medium round crisp fruit, good flavour. Good trouble free cropper tolerates late spring frosts. P8 U8/9 Po C

James Grieve (1893)

Yellow fruit striped with orange. Good sweet/acid flavour balance. Hardy tree, good pollinator. P end 9. U 10 Po C

George Cave (1923) Fruit small medium, refreshing, soft juicy and acidic. Heavy, regular cropper, very early. P8 U8 Po B

St Edmunds Russet (1875)

Lightly russeted over yellow. Flesh. One of the best tasting Russet sweet, juicy and rich flavour. P end 9. U 10 Po B

Irish Peach (1819) Medium sized fruits with excellent, balanced aromatic flavour. Tree vigorous, hardy, good cropper. P8 U8/9 Po B
Katy (1947) Red striped and flushed fruit with excellent strawberry flavour. Tree vigorous, good cropper, tolerant of late spring frosts. P9 U9/10 Po C


American Golden Russet (late 1700's) Smallish fruits intense aromatic and sweet. Medium vigour good cropper. P10 U10/12 PoB
Blenheim Orange (1740) Large fruit with nutty fine flavour, also excellent for juice and good cooker. Vigorous, hardy tree. P10 U11/1 PoC
Claygate Pearmain (1821) Medium/large fruit strong nutty taste, rich, aromatic. Compact tree, good cropper. P10 U11/2 PoD
Egremont Russet (1872) Most popular Russet, medium sized fruit crisp flavour, nutty and sweet. Tree compact, good cropper, frost tolerant. P9 U10/12 PoB
Holstein (1918) Medium/large fruit intense rich aromatic flavour. Vigorous heavy cropper. P10 U11/1 PoC
Jupiter (1966) Medium sized fruit intensely flavoured, aromatic sweet and juicy. Vigorous tree, heavy cropper. P10 U10/1 PoB

Falstaff (1986)

Tree weeping, heavy cropping. Very nice fruity sweet/acid flavour.  P 10 U 10/12 Po C
Lord Lambourne (1907) Medium sized fruit with nice refreshing sweet-acid flavour. Regular heavy cropping compact tree. P9 U9/11 PoB
Orleans Reinette (1776) Medium/large fruit, crisp flesh with a delicious nutty flavour. Needs a sunny spot. P10 U11/1 PoC

Winter Gem (1984)

Vigorous tree. Fruit flushed pink over green. Rich aromatic flavour. P10 U 10/12 Po C
Red Devil (1979) Large red apple with fruity, strawberry flavour. Regular good yields, hardy. P9 U9/11 PoC
Ribston Pippin (18th century) Medium large apple. Good flavour, sweet and aromatic with balanced acidity. High vitamin C content. P10 U10/12 PoB

Cornish Aromatic (1813)

Vigorous, hardy tree. That prefers a wet climate. Fruit gold with russeted red flush. Aromatic , nutty flavour. P 10 U 11/1 Po D

Sunset (1918) Smallish apples, flesh crisp with an intense aromatic flavour. Tree compact, heavy cropping, self fertile. P9 U10/12 PoC


Adams Pearmain (Early 19th century) Medium sized russeted fruit, rich aromatic nutty flavour. Tree hardy, compact. P10 U12/3 PoB
Belle de Boscoop (1856) Fruit medium/large sharp, juicy, mellows in storage. Good for juice. Tree vigorous and productive. P10 U1/4 PoC

Ashmeads Kernal (1782)

Fruit greenish-yellow with some russet. Aromatic, classic heritage apple. Hardy. P 10 U 12/3 Po

Reinette du Canada (1771) Medium large fruit that matures to a fine nutty flavour. Good for juice before this. Good cropper. P10 U11/3 PoC
D'Arcy Spice (1785) Spicy, nutty aromatic flavour. Salt tolerant, healthy tree. P end10 U 11/3 Po D
Sturmer Pippin (1831) Medium sized sweet, crisp and juicy fruit. Needs sunny spot to reach full potential. Very high vitamin C content. Compact tree. P11 U1/4 PoB

Winston (1856)

Fruit greenish/yellow flushed with red. Juicy, crisp, aromatic nutty flavour. Hardy. P end 10 U11/3 Po D

Royal Russet (1908)

Rich, intensely aromatic flavour. Vigorous hardy tree. Yellow/gold flushed with russet, large fruit. P end 9 U 10/12 Po B


Andrew Johnson Large juicy fruit.  Nice eater when ripe, very good for juice. Hardy good cropper. Manx variety. P9 U9/10 PoC
Annie Elizabeth (1857) Large fruit, moderately acid, cooks to pale green yellow fluff. Vigorous, hardy excellent keeper. P10 U12/5 PoD
Bramley (1809) Large fruit, very good cooked and for juice. Vigorous and hardy. P10 U11/3 PoC
Cox's Pomona (1825) Crisp, brisk eaten fresh, cooks to bright yellow quite sweet puree. Good juicer. Hardy, P9 U9/12 PoC

Dumelows Seedling (Late 1700's)

Most popular cooking apple before Bramley became popular. Quality cooker. P end 10 U 11/4 Po 10

Monarch (1888)

Heavy cropping, vigorous and reliable tree. Quality cooker not as sharp as Bramley. P end 10 U 11/1 Po C

Golden Noble (1820) Medium/large fruit one of best cookers-flesh cooks to golden froth with a delicious flavour. Regular cropper. P10 U12/3 PoC
Howgate Wonder (1915) Very large fruit, sub acid light taste when cooked. A pleasant eater too. Hardy and reliable. P10 U11/3 PoD
Lord Derby (1862) Large fruit, sub acid that cooks to a good flavour. Cook early for a sharp taste. A regular heavy cropper. P9 U10/12 PoD
Manx Codlin (1815) Smallish fruit on compact tree. Sweetest of codlins, excellent cooked, juiced, baked and eater when fully ripe. Heavy, precocious cropper, hardy. P8/9 U8/10 PoC
Scotch Bridget (1851) Large fruit that cooks to a cream colour without the need for much sugar. Can be used as an eater. Hardy reliable tree. P10 U11/1 PoC


Michelin (1782) Most widely grown cider variety. Produces medium bittersweet cider similar to Bulmers. Heavy , regular cropper. P /U end 10/11 Po C

Herefordshire Redstreak (17th C) At one time unsurpassed. Reliable cropper. Cider has a natural red colour. P/U end10/11 Po C

Somerset Redstreak (1917) Planted extensively in all cider counties. Produces medium, bittersweet cider. Sometimes blended with sharper varieties. P/U 10/11 Po C


Pear varieties grafted on Quince A rootstock.  This will give you a tree 10 -14 foot high depending on the vigour of the variety.

Jargonelle (15th C) Pale yellow sweet and juicy pear. Tree spreading and productive, tip bearer. Pick and eat straight off tree in August. P/U 8 Po B

Beth (1974) Compact, reliable heavy cropping tree. Small pale yellow juicy fruit, good flavour. P end 8 U 9 Po C

Invincible (Late 20th C) Very tough, hardy tree. Fruit pale yellow, juicy, reliable. Good pollinator. P mid 9 U 10 Po C

Beurre Hardy (1820) Large brown russeted fruit, aromatic, sweet and juicy. Vigorous and hardy tree that succeeds in poor soils. Good pollinator. P mid 9 U 10 Po D

Louise Bonne of Jersey (1780) Tree hardy, excellent annual cropper. Red flushed fruit, sweet and rich flavour. P mid 9 U 10 Po C

Emile d'Heyst (1847) Hardy reliable tree for northern areas. Yellowish green fruit with some russet. Sweet subacid flavour. P end 9 U 10/11 Po B

Concorde (1977) Compact heavy cropping tree. Sweet and juicy, green/yellow fruit.  Self fertile, crops better with pollinator. P end 9 U 10/11 Po E

Conference (19th C) Fairly compact reliable and hardy heavy cropping tree. Well known sweet and juicy green/yellow fruit. Self fertile. P end 9 U 10/12 Po C


Plums and Gages grafted on St Julian A rootstock.  This will give you a tree 10 -14 foot high depending on the vigour of the variety

Rivers Early Prolific (1820) Good, hardy heavy cropping plum. Small blue/purple fruit, can be cooked. Self fertile. P/U Early 8 onwards. Po B

Czar (19th C) Dual purpose plum. Dark purple with sweet yellow flesh. Hardy and reliable Self fertile.. P/U mid 8 onwards. Po C.

Opal (1925) Very reliable, compact tree. Reddish/purple fruit with superb flavour.  Self fertile. P/U mid 8 onwards. Po C

Victoria (19th C.) Most popular plum. Bright red fruit, nice taste, heavy cropping and reliable. Self fertile. P/U Late 8 onwards Po C

Dennistons Superb (19th C) (Gage) Most reliable gage for the north. Transparent sweet, red – flushed skin. Self fertile. P/U Late 8 onwards Po B

Jefferson (19th C). (Gage) Hardy and suitable for northern areas. Medium round yellow gage, very sweet. Self fertile. P/U early 8 onwards Po B

Marjorie's Seedling. (1912) Dual purpose plum. Reliable late cropper. Large good quality purple plum. Self Fertile. P/U end 9 onwards Po D


Damsons grafted on St Julian A rootstock.  This will give you a tree 10 -14 foot high depending on the vigour of the variety

Shropshire Prune (17th C). Small hedgerow Damson with a very good flavour. Self fertile. P/U end 9 onwards Po C

Langley Bullace (1902). Small round/oblong damson with nice bloom. Latest variety. Self fertile. P/U mid 10 onwards. Po C


Golden Sphere (1995). Large, yellow fruit with a sweet plummy flavour. Late flowering for a Cherry Plum. Self fertile. P/U 8 Po A grafted on St Julian A rootstock.

All fruit trees potted in 10/12lt pots @ £20 each, available from early autumn onwards.

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